PAP MOVERS build to fulfill the demand and will be simple choice of all removals needs. Our company dedicated to giving high performance and customers need is our top priority. Covering almost all Indonesia areas such as: Medan, Batam, Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali island, Lombok Island, Sumbawa Island, etc. Our company also accepted service from or to Dili East Timor.

PAP MOVERS has well experienced and professional team to serving from beginning such as cost estimation, packing, shipping, warehousing, transportation, destination service, customs information, etc. Our team will monitor the movement of your shipment to ensure it will arrive as schedule and safely. Our team also will giving a moving solution to minimize the cost and match with the budget without leave the service priority.
PAP MOVERS supported by facilities such as delivery truck, complete packing materials, dismantle/re-assembly tools, convenience office and warehouse locations, and internet access that can easy to communicate and knowing the update of your shipment.
PAP MOVERS dealt and cooperate with dedicated overseas and domestic agents to take care our shipment as destination. Our agents work on behalf of our company and ensure you to have qualified services. Our agents will guidance you and giving you any information that you may needed.


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PAP Movers provides you with the finest quality and best choices for moving boxes and moving supplies, all at competitive prices. We keep your move organized with a wide range .. More info

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